F3C is the category assigned by the FAI (The World Air Sports federation) for precision helicopter aerobatics.

In F3C, pilots must perform complex hovering and aerobatic manoeuvres. Each manoeuvre must be executed with high precision and skill in any attitude and under all weather conditions.

F3C comprises of 2 set schedules.  The Preliminary (P) Schedule and the more complicated Final (F) Schedule.  Full details can be found by clicking on the F3C Schedules link below.

There are many videos available online, but the best way to find out about F3C and what it entails is to contact us, or why not come along to one of our events and we will only be to happy to help and advise.

F3C Schedules

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Euro Heli Series & F3C World Cup

For several years the AHA saw the number of pilots dropping in F3C Competition.  Having tried many different things and a great deal of organisation, we still only had a handful of pilots.  This was a common theme with our European neighbours in Belgium, Holland and France.  We decided to combine forces in 2014 and the Euro Heli Series was up and running. It has grown each year and all events are now FAI registered World Cup competitions.  The weekends are really good fun and we have the logistics perfected now to keep costs down to a minimum.  It’s also really great to meet F3C pilots from other Countries.  

2020 P.png 2020 F.png

F3C Schedule & Sportsmans Diagrams

Don’t let FAI and World Cup put you off. World Cups have been held for several years now in disciplines such as F3A but was introduced into F3C in 2016. They are a series of international competitions in which the competitors range from the highly experienced and successful fliers through those in the mid-field who are working their way up the rankings down to those who are just moving into international competition. World Cups are a excellent way for young people to taste the thrills of competing in international competition alongside experienced, successful

competitors - including current and ex-World or European Champions - and to hone their skills so that they may one day qualify to represent their county in World and Continental Championships.

Whilst this has led to a reduction in F3C events run in the UK.  The AHA is here to promote all disciplines of helicopter flying.  If people are interested in giving F3C a try then we will be more than happy to organise an event if there is enough interest.

Follow the UK F3C Team’s progress on their Facebook page


Ever wanted to have a go at F3C Style flying? Why not try the Sportsmans class first? This is an excellent way to learn the basics and slowly progress into F3C using a modified schedule.  If you would like to find out more then take a look at the schedule on the diagram above or feel free to get in touch with us. A full description can be found on the following link.

Sportsmans Schedule A.jpg B.jpg